Free Yourself in the Land of the Thar Desert.

Celebrating the connection between men, nature and the magic of desert life, the Umaid Safaris & Desert Lodge invites you to experience the beauty of eco-vacation adventures. Located on the edge of Bikaner, we invite our guests to enjoy the privilege of waking up to a true panoramic view of the creation and experience Bikaner ecotourism.

We believe man is not to conquer nature but to coexist with it and this belief shapes the way we live and design the premise: from our eco-accommodation through the communal space to the outdoor area. Our eco lodge is a unique experience and a gentle way to discover the local Rajasthani culture. Our luxury lies in the richness of nature where silence, peace and serenity of the Thar is yours to experience.

We offer hand-built accommodations that blend with nature – tents and eco-structures to cater for your needs. All accommodations share a communal area, toilets and shower facilities with hot water .

We offer Four accommodation types:

  • Swiss Cottages built from mud and sheeting covered with earth materials with all basic modern amenities and offer privacy to the guests. We have 18 Swiss cottages that require prior reservation.
  • The TIPI tent is built in the traditional style known as red indian tents are conical tents made with canvas containing 2 to 6 single beds. It is recommended for groups or communal sleeping.
  • Alpine tents are high quality, waterproof canvas tents used in long route safaris.
  • We offer flexibility to the guests who wish to bring their own tents. We offer them a camping area to lay their tents.