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Be a sport | Play a sport

Recreation facilities apart from outdoor visits to the deserts, local markets and the traditional festivities, we have a lot of indoor and outdoor games facilities for our guests to have the best time with friends and family.

Guests can relive their childhood memories with some board game sessions like chess, cards, carrom, ludo, snakes & ladder and more. It is quite a facility for the guests coming with their kids and family. 

For outdoor games and sports, we have the facility to play volleyball, badminton, tug of war, target shooting, archery and a lot more. If you are a sport freak and look for some sweat shedding physical gaming, we are here for you.

Our guests can also learn some local games like satolia and kho-kho and enjoy the ride with their travel buddies. All you have to do is have some zeal and be a sport.

Our motto in the village resort is to give you a break from the technological world and bring you close to nature and its form of recreational activities. We try our best to unplug you from the tech life, detox yourself digitally and spend more time near nature, families and your loved ones.

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