Night hiking in the desert is very enjoyable. When the sun goes down the desert is transformed into an enchanting world bustling with life that you miss during the day. Night hiking at Umaid Safari will give you memories for a lifetime. desert hiking is one of the most beautiful, challenging expeditions a hiker can embark on. The landscapes are dramatic, almost lunar, transporting hikers into what seems like a different world. The silence is peaceful, uniting you with the sand under your feet and the sun above your head. And the wildlife is undoubtedly unique from flowering cacti to charming animals, there’s something new around every corner.

Night hiking at Umaid Safari when the moon is full has many advantages and romantic qualities, the most basic of which is the convenient combination of cooler nighttime temperatures and maximum visibility. Setting out after dark coaxes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to hone our instincts. Nothing connects you to the wonders of the universe quite like that, ancient landscape under the vast night sky. It is a kind of nature therapy. The evenings are spectacular, with dramatic sunsets followed by night skies cluttered with stars.